The Best Halal Thai Food in Bugis

Fiery spices, sour tastes, earthy flavours, these are just three highlights of Thai cuisine.

Thai cuisine is well-known for its unique flavours. From sour, sweet, salty, spicy or even a combination of all elements, there’s nothing more satisfying than wolfing down a piping hot bowl of Thai soup on a rainy day.

Instead of hopping on a plane and flying to Thailand to satisfy your cravings, why not swing by our halal Thai restaurant to get your fix?

Located in Bugis, Sticky Rice is the place to get some halal Thai food. Not only do we offer a full menu of mouth-watering and popular Thai dishes at our restaurant, but we also bring you authentic Thai flavours. That’s right – you can experience those tangy Thai spices and the best dishes right here in Singapore.

Not to mention we also have vegetarian and vegan-friendly Thai food available on request!

The Secret to Our Spectacular Thai Food

The lion city might be teeming with a multitude of Thai eateries. Some of which offer some of the most exciting and sought-after dishes. But what makes our Thai restaurant the best in the city?

Simple, our commitment to authenticity and affordability.

Our prices may be cheap but we never compromise on the quality of our food. Instead, we deliver authentic Thai dishes that are perfectly seasoned and cooked to excellence.

Where to Find Us

If you are in Bugis and you enter the query “cheap thai food near me”, we’ll show up as one of the top 10 places to dine!

Just a stone’s throw away from Bugis MRT, our quaint and cosy eatery is the perfect place to escape the busy shopping crowd. Drop by to taste our delectable dishes or order thai food online and we will have your meals delivered to your address.

Order Halal Thai Sticky Rice Online 

We’ve all been there. 

It is the weekend and your tummy growls. You had a long week. You are too lazy to get out of bed, put on a decent pair of shoes and get out of the house to buy a meal.

And yet, you are craving for Thai food. You miss the spiciness and tanginess of Thai dishes. You want something that fills your tummy and excites your taste buds. 

If you are too lazy to leave the house to satisfy your cravings, why not order food online? 

Here at Sticky Rice, we offer Thai food home delivery. This way, you can get your Thai Food fix and experience authentic Thai flavours in the comfort of your own home! Order today, and we will whip up a Thai feast that is sure to leave you wanting more. 

How to Order

Are you feeling hungry yet? Order Thai food from Sticky Rice online!

First, choose between self-pickup or delivery. After that, choose a pickup or delivery time slot that suits your schedule. Next. simply browse our menu and add to cart. Once you are satisfied with your order, hit checkout, pay, and then wait for your order to arrive or head to our restaurant in Bali Lane to collect your orders.

Our Promise to You 

Ever felt like you needed to hop on a plane to get to the land of smiles just to get some legit Thai food?

Well, all that ends with Sticky Rice.

If there is one principle we abide by, it is authenticity. Every dish that leaves our kitchen is cooked only with the intention of letting all diners have a hearty meal that reminds them of Thailand. We believe in giving all diners authentic Thai dishes cooked from the heart.