Halal Mango Sticky Rice in Singapore

It’s a hot day and you are craving for something sweet. Yet, you have grown tired of ice-cream, cakes and dessert tarts. You want something that brings out the best of Southeast Asian flavours and with sweet but subtle flavours.

If you are spoiled for choice, you must consider our halal Mango sticky rice!

Instead of travelling all the way to the land of smiles to savour this delightful dessert, you can experience authentic mango sticky rice here at Sticky Rice. Based in Singapore, we offer an extensive menu bringing you the best of Thai Cuisine. Our menu is 100% halal with vegan and meatless options available on request!

A Deeper Look into this Traditional Thai Dessert

Whether you love the sweetness of Thai mangos, creaminess of the sticky rice or the perfect combination of both elements, mango sticky rice is a must have when you crave for something sweet and filling.

This Thai delicacy is regarded as one of Thailand’s national desserts. The combination of sweet yet slightly salty sticky rice with a smooth and cream coconut sauce and fragrant mangoes is sure to excite your taste buds.

What makes the sticky rice sticky is actually glutinous rice. Unlike regular jasmine rice, glutinous rice contains a higher percentage of starch which allows them to stick together. Enjoying the rice with some fresh mangoes allows you to neutralise and mellow out the starchiness from the glutinous rice.

Get Your Mango Sticky Rice Fix Today!

Thanks to Sticky Rice, you need not take a trip to Thailand to get your fix.

Instead you could just swing by our restaurant at 23 Bali Lane or order online and we will send your halal mango sticky rice to wherever you are in Singapore. Order a main dish for a hearty and complete meal!