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Vegan or vegetarian? No worries, we have vegan-friendly and other meatless alternatives so that you can get your Thai food fix.

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A Quick Look at Thai Basil Rice

Thai basil rice is among one of the most popular Thai street food dishes. It is savoury, flavourful and satisfying!

But what makes this dish unlike any other chicken and rice dish?

The secret is using Thai basil.

Unlike regular basil that you might find in other dishes like Pesto, Thai basil has narrower leaves, purple stems and an anise-like smell. Flavourwise, Thai basil is a lot spicier and bolder than the former. When you combine it with other condiments like chili and fish sauce, you get a fragrant dish!

Here at Sticky Rice, we offer authentic Thai flavours by adhering closely to how each dish is made traditionally in Thailand. This way, all diners can feast on Thai cuisine without having to leave the country.

We flavour our halal Thai basil rice with ingredients like fresh Thai basil and chilis so that you can enjoy a spicy yet authentic Thai meal. 

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