Order Halal Thai Soups in Singapore

Ah, Thai food. There is something about Thai cuisine that can instantly satiate your appetite.

If there is one Thai dish that is recognised worldwide, it is none other than their soups. From the bold spices, tasty flavours and refreshing condiments, there is so much to love about Thai soups! They are great for rainy and hot days.

Craving for some? Look no further than Sticky Rice for them!

We have a full range of cheap but hearty halal Thai soups made with only the freshest ingredients for exquisite tastes. Choose from spicy and tangy but classic Tom Yum Soup or a light but satisfying Egg Tofu Soup. Enjoy Thai food in the comfort of your own home in Singapore today!

Cheap Halal Thai Soups Available for Delivery!Â

It is a rainy day at the central business district, and you have been feeling sluggish. Nothing will make you more energised than a bowl of piping hot Tom Yam soup.

But when you Google “cheap halal Thai soups near me”, you notice that all the listed locations are at a distance and would need at least 5 minutes’ walk.

If you’re feeling too tired to satisfy your cravings, why not use our delivery services?

We provide advanced delivery orders (as well as self-pickup from our store in Bugis, Singapore)! Order online today, skip the queues and enjoy a hearty bowl of soup delivered straight to your doorstep anywhere.

More About Sticky Rice

If you crave authentic Thai flavours but neither have the time nor the budget to hop on a plane to Thailand, why not just swing by our Muslim-friendly eatery?

We offer authentic Thai food from soups, rice, noodles and more. Not to mention we also have meat-less and vegan options too.

Tom Yum Soup
Classic Thai spicy & sour soup

Clear Tom Yum Soup
Clear spicy & sour soup

Tom Saap Soup
North-eastern Thai spicy & sour soup

Tom Kha Soup
Spicy & sour coconut soup

Egg Tofu Soup
Clear Soup with Minced Chicken, Egg Tofu, Cabbage, Carrots & Glass Noodles